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TOCC Club Racing - Fast & Fun Times

The Bay County Car Club Challenge is a three part series hosted at Breakaway Dragstrip in Fountain, Florida, an ultra-quick 1/8 mile dragstrip. This fast & fun series has brought some serious competition to the track by some truly great people that belong to North Florida.


Stage 1 of the Bay County Car Club Challenge - September 15, 2013

Wow, what a fast & fun weekend spent up at Breakaway Dragstrip!

The day started  off with some breakage before the track opened, which took out some key runners for the clubs, but we still ended up with 50 registered racers that represented eight area car clubs, with nearly every type of vehicle running... making this one of the most diverse lineups we have had to date! The vehicles ranged from 1950 classics right up to mean ol' modern machines in both domestic & import flavors... even a sub-compact! 

Once the action cranked up, we got some fun in and then had a slight rain delay, but soon we were back in and the traction was a little more unpredictable, which  took out some more stars of this yearly event. Once the vehicles started to hook, some more breakage set in and down went a few more!

As we spun through the rounds, all of the clubs looked great and all brought some really cool vehicles to race, however, Bay Mustang Club, Outlaws Car Club, Florida Mopars, and Tricked Out Car Club was the remaining four clubs in round six... with a showdown between Bay Mustang Club & Outlaws Car Club for the final round - where Bay Mustang Club took the day! Congratulations, BMC, that LTD is one fast runner and oh so consistent!

While BMC won the day; Emerald Coast Camaros brought some super sharp GM muscle that allowed Emerald Coast Camaros to claim the fastest club title for the day! Congratulations, ECC and thanks for jumping in this year!

Of course, those Grand National boys from Boosted Car Club were the crowd pleasers for the day with a lot of energy behind their runs. Something about those boosted V6 beauties that get the adrenaline going with so many.

 Tricked Out Car Club is sitting in first place (for the moment), we know this won't last as Stage 2 & Stage 3 will change things greatly for all the clubs. There is no winner for the 2013-2014 series  until the stats from Stage1, 2 & 3 are crunched after the final 2013 race! Stayed tuned.

With that said, there were NO LOSERS at the track on Sunday, as we all had a fast & fun day together, and we all gained some more track time to better our reaction times. Plus, we  raised $95 for a very needy & worthy charity (Boys & Girl Club of Bay County, Florida)! A big THANK YOU to all the clubs that rolled out; a special THANK YOU to the Breakaway Dragstrip team... and a SUPER THANK YOU to all of the workers from TOCC MOTORSPORTS for putting this event on! Great, free help is hard to find these days!!!

See everyone on Saturday, October 5th, 2013, gates open at 3:00 pm!!! 


Stage 1 Stats, 09/15/2013:

Tricked Out Car Club = 67

Bay Mustang Club = 40

Florida Mopars = 32

Outlaws Car Club = 25

American Muscle Car Club = 9

Emerald Coast Camaros = 8

Renegade Car Club = 5

Boosted Car Club = 4


Looking to join the fun? Please contact us for more information or to get your club signed up!


Challenge Rules

The Bay County Car Club Challenge by Tricked Out Car Club. The rules were established at the end of the 2010 series and remain in effect today. These will be enforced for future races until further notice.

Along with these standardized bracket racing rules, all drivers need to turn tech cards in to TOCC at 12:45 pm, all drivers need to be at the open Test N Tune at 1:00 pm to dial their times in, and all drivers need to be present at the driver's meet at 1:45 pm. Racing will belgain immediately after the meeting.

Bracket Rules:
- Vehicles must be street legal, tagged and insured.
- No electronics allowed.
- First Round buybacks only for $5.00 (donated to Boys & Girls Club of Bay County).
- Dial-ins may be changed between rounds
- Breakout disqualification in effect.
- Cars will be paired at random on a sportsman ladder.
- Race will be run on a sportsman tree.
- Points will be awarded to the winner of each round equal to the round number. (i.e, round 1 = 1 point, round 2 = 2 points, etc.)

NOTE: Technical Issues from Tower/Equipment will require a rerun by affected racers to advance to next round. This includes dead dial-ins, misprints, non-readable tickets. etc..


If you would like to take part in this race series, or attend other race events, please contact us for more information.