Team Lotus

Tricked Out Car Club – Team Lotus is dedicated to the Lotus evolution. If you have a Lotus or just love learning about these engineering marvels, TOCC is the place for you. If it has to do with Lotus, you can discover it with us. Team Lotus is exclusive to the Lotus & TOCC brand!

Of course, the real benefit to accepting membership into TOCC is to meet other auto enthusiasts that enjoy all makes & models while still appreciating the Lotus. We do lots of private & public club events as one club,  and would love to have your Lotus roll along the way with us!

Current Lotus Line

Evora – S, IPS

Elise – 1.6, CR, S, SPS

Extige S


Future Lotus Line







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If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


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Lotus Shouts

Lotus builds some of the exotic rides on the street today. If you are looking for information about the Lotus brand, we have a few forums and other sites to share with you. Friendly people, quality content and easy – to – navigate forums and website! These are not clubs; they are information sites. If you are looking for clubs, please visit our page dedicated to car clubs and if you want awesome part and accessories, check out our web directory. We will add more to this line- up very soon, so stop back by.

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