Team Mitsubishi

Tricked Out Car Club - Team Mitsubishi is a small group of local Mitsubishi owners that enjoys sharing idea and discussing our cars, while modding & maintaining them. Currently, we are on the lookout for some more smooth Mitsubishis. If you have a Mitsubishi (either stock or modded) and want to meet some new friends, learn more about your cool ride, and interact within your community in a positive way - TOCC has a free membership waiting for you.

With our club organized under various teams, Team Mitsubishi is exclusive to the Mitsubishi brand! We developed this unique club structure so we could keep a balance between the various brands but remain one large club.

As a club, we hold a monthly meet -n- greet and get together to work on the rides and swap ideas often. We pretty much like all things related to speed and the performance of our member's various rides. Also, we roll out to hit up the different shows and events both locally and out of town, hold photo shoots and other fun stuff. 

If you are looking to buy or lease a Mitsubishi, we recommend contacting Buzz Leonard Mitsubishi and telling them Tricked Out Car Club suggested you stop by for a great deal!

Did you know that Mitsubishi is active in philanthropy and other worthy, worldly causes?


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