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2014 Bay County Car Club Challenge

The TOCC Motorsports division of Tricked Out Car Club invites your participation for fast-fueled days of 1/8 mile drag racing in at Breakaway Dragstrip! Please join us for this annual two-stage race event in Fountain, Florida which brings a variety of car clubs together to challenge each other in some bracket racing action!

Stage 1: Sunday, April 13th, 2014. Gates open 12:00 pm, Racing 1:00 - 6:00 pm. POST COVERAGE STATS

Stage 2: Saturday, July 26th, 2014.  Gates open 2:00 pm, Racing 3:00 - 9:00 pm. Rain Delay.

Stage 2: We will be back in 2015. Happy Holidays!

Tricked Out Car Club presents a fun & friendly day at the track together as local auto enthusiasts and club friends. Invite your friends & family to watch the action or bring your own and run the open Test-n- Tune sessions that will be going on alongside our race event. Bring those bikes, cars and trucks and spend the day/night with us!

Note: The Awards Ceremony for the 2014 series will take place after the finish of showdown & grudge races. We will present any cash/prizes, along with the annual trophy for the Car Club Challenge and the two awards for the Club Showdown. Please have your club members & officers present to enjoy this entertaining salute to the drivers and their clubs!

Looking to join the fun in 2014? Please contact us for more information or to get your club signed up! You must be registered with us prior to race day. 


Challenge Rules

Bracket Rules:
• Vehicles must be street legal, tagged and insured
• No electronics allowed
• First Round buybacks only -- $5 (proceeds donated to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay County)
•Each club gets 2 non-member driver buy-ins for $50 per driver (covers same driver & their vehicle for the whole year)
• Dial-ins may be changed between rounds
• Breakout disqualification in effect
• Cars will be paired at random on a sportsman tree (clubs can request to be paired)
• Race will be run on a sportsman tree
• Points will be awarded to the winner of each round equal to the round number. (i.e, round 1 = 1 point, round 2 = 2 points, etc.)
• Annual Trophy will reside for 1 year with the club earning the most points from all three races (includes the Club Showdown race day on July 26th, 2014, which is covered here)


Along with these standardized bracket racing rules, drivers need to:
• Turn in their tech cards to TOCC for registration.
• Participate in the open Test N Tune to dial times in
• Make the dial-in time and car number clearly visible to the tower on the windshield and passenger window
• Be present at the drivers’ meet
• Racing will begin immediately after the meeting

NOTE: Technical Issues from Tower/Equipment will require a rerun by affected racers to advance to next round. This includes dead dial-ins, misprints, non-readable tickets. etc. These will be enforced and upheld to the best of our abilities. Please notify a TOCC staff member of any concerns or issues.



If you would like to take part in this race series, or get involved with our other events, please contact us for more information.







2013 Bay County Car Club Challenge

Stage 1: Sunday, September 15th, 2013. POST COVERAGE STATS << CLICK

Stage 2: Sunday, November 10th, 2013.  POST COVERAGE STATS << CLICK

Stage 3: Sunday, November 24th, 2013.  POST COVERAGE STATS << CLICK

Please Note: Drivers must turn in properly completed tech cards to TOCC for logging to be officially included. Drivers must be at Test N Tune to dial in times. Drivers must be at driver's meet.  


2008 - 2013 Bay County Car Club Challenge Leaderboard


2013 Challenge Winner: Outlaws Car Club

With heavy heat through all three stages, we made the 8 participating car clubs to fight for the win, and in the end it was our 2012 champions, Outlaws car club out front for the win AGAIN!! What fun we had... and we would like to thank everyone for participating once again!  See you spring 2014!!


2012 Challenge Winner: Outlaws Car Club

Once the smoke settled with the 2012 series, Outlaws Car Club smoked us all with burnt rubber from beautifully fast cars! TOCC would like to thank all the clubs for participating and we look forward to doing it all again for the 2013 series!


2011 Challenge Winner: Tricked Out Car Club

Wham bam, not only was there a lot of vehicles racing, there was some stiff competition brought from all the clubs involved. At the end, Tricked Out Car Club carried it home. Thanks to all that participated and see you in 2012 for the Bay County Car Club Challenge.


2010 Challenge Winner: Bay Mustang Club

Another heated matchup with lots of fun between the local car clubs this year. In the end, Bay Mustang Club took the win! Thanks to all those that came out and enjoyed Panama Beach Raceway. This is one fast car club.


2009 Challenge Winner: Tricked Out Car Club

It was a close call and came down to the wire against Bay Mustang Club and Tricked Out Car Club, but in the end...TOCC took the win! BMC is determined to take the win in 2010, as is Hot Wheels Car Club. The other BC4 clubs are tuning up the cars and taking things up a notch too, so it is sure to be an exciting year at the track!


2008 Challenge Winner: Hot Wheels Car Club

This club is on fire at the the track! Yes, the Hot Wheels Car Club has super fast muscle cars, with experienced drivers, so don't blink or you'll miss the action. Congratulations, Hot Wheels Car Club, for the well deserved win.